The Civil Wars
Dr. Kolman with Joy Williams and John Paul White at Studio 92
Band of Horses
Dr. Kolman with Band of Horses at Studio 92
Brett Dennen
Dr. Kolman, Mrs. Kolman with Brett Dennen at Studio 92
Picture from the 2011 Muse concert
David Grey
Dr. Kolman, Mrs. Kolman with David Grey at Sudio 92
Jon Lajoie
Dr. Kolman with Jon Lajoie
Peter Munters
Dr. Kolman with Peter Munters from Runner Runner

Meet the Rock
N’ Roll Doc

Dr. Kolman is actively involved in the Indy music scene and sponsors some amazing shows and events. Great dentistry and music CAN go hand in hand!

The Doc and Local Music

I have always been a huge fan of music. I did not see my first live show until I was in high school, but after that I was hooked. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent many nights at the Metro learning about Ska and seeing bands like the Connells.

When I began my dental practice I became friends with Andy and Annie Skinner, otherwise known as A-squared. I was given the opportunity to sponsor a couple of concerts and found that not only did I enjoy the shows, I was able to help many people improve their smiles. The first show I sponsored was the Duke Spirit and it only got better after that. I have worked with Nuvo and through that friendship and that of A-squared I was introduced to My Old Kentucky Blog. We helped them with the OKGO show at the Earth House and found another opportunity to help bring great bands to Indy.

Dr. Kolman with Band of Horses at Studio 92

After a while, one of the booking agents started referring to me as the “Rock and Roll Dentist.” The name just fit and that is how “The Rock and Roll Doc” took off. We have sponsored some amazing shows from the Civil Wars, to Neon Indian, to Borns and Cameron McGill. We also have the pleasure of sponsoring shows at The Hifi in Fountain Square as well as shows at Joyful Noise Records. Being able to practice dentistry and use my resources to bring amazing artists to Indy has been a dream come true. Come to Kolman Dental and find out what so many in Indy already have, great dentistry and great music can go hand in hand.